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Skyrocket your startup and successfully connect things, devices and people

Join our 3 step regional startup training program, pitch at the biggest regional investment conference, compete for more than 10.000 € prices and experience Silicon valley in person!

Regional startup educational program for Cloud startups (2012-2015)

103 teams in program and on conference

Industries: transport, agriculture, ecommerce

31 teams finished program

15 teams received at least 50k € investment

More than 100 new employments

  • 79 workshops

  • 35 open events (average 60 people)

  • 77 investors participate on events

  • Startup community grew to around 7.000

  • Around 25.000 younsgters reach in 3 years

We will teach you:

Market modeling and creation a team

Best Cloud and apps practices on IoT platforms

Service and product design

Special Life Science track for understanding domain specifics

Bringing quality behind your products

Founding a startup (crowdfunding and VC)

Attending this program will give you:

1. Tools of the trade

We’re here to arm you with our Startup Modeling Toolbox to help you ship products, not learn how to write a 30-page business plan that you will never follow through. For online work we will use our Merlin (see below).

2. Program partners

The whole trick about this program is in providing you the best domain knowledge! So we scooped the top notch companies to guide and mentor you on your journey to make it big!

3. Learning by teaching

Research shows you remember up to 10 times as much when you have to teach others compared to just listening to a lecture. That is exactly what you’ll be doing – teaching your peers.

4. Market is the king

We believe not us, not even investors, but your customers are the masters of your startup’s faith and we prefer to see teams try again with a new idea to them beating the proverbial dead horse.


Video from last year

5. COINVEST investment conference & Silicon Valley visit

We offer you investors conference (2014: 60+ investors, 70+ startups from SE Europe, 300+ participants). And at the end, the best ones will go in Silicon Valley for a month. There will be another Demo day, we will also allow startups to attend some top Silicon Valley events and meet global investors and entrepreneurs there. Meetings with Slovenians (and BoundBreaker community) there is included.

We believe you can be in Silicon Valley with us!

“Entrepreneurship is throwing yourself off a cliff, and building a plane on the way down.

Reid Hoffman, VC and LinkedIn founder

Do you want to visit Silicon Valley? 

We will send to Silicon Valley best 10 teams* on events, company (Google, FB …) and university (Stanford, Berkeley) visits. Experience tech heaven in person.

Previous generations of Hekovnik programs visit Silicon Valley
* teams will have organized events, visits and pitches (travel expenses, accommodation and food is not covered).

start:Cloud events

We will organize and participate on next events:

CloudCatalyst bootcamp

Location: Ljubljana; Slovenia

Date: September

Short description: 

What is CloudCatalyst bootcamp:  3-day event with on-site workshops for early and advanced stage companies. The aim is to work on ICT business models, exchange with other teams and speakers, and to learn useful pitching skills. The bootcamp will be totally free for startups or SMEs.  The bootcamp will be in Slovene language.Who should attend: Research teams from universities and institutes; Startup teams (with or without company created); Angel / Seed backed startups; and SMEs.Goodies for the participants: Enter the selection process for the 3rd wave of StarCloud program for startups; Enter the EuroCloud Awards; Access CloudCatalyst reports about market trends, critical success factors, funding opportunities and success cases; Connect with projects and European initiatives that support the launching and funding of your company.

Class 2015 event

Date: 5.-6. November

Location: Bled; Slovenia

Short description: 

Europe is moving strongly towards a Digital Single Market – an online environment without barriers between countries, legislatory boundaries and in particular applications, services and infrastructures. This opens up a major scope of opportunities for users and providers equally: being able to reach out to more customers, integrating more services, offering richer services, concentrating on essential capabilities etc. To reach such an infrastructure necessitates a strong collaborative effort between companies, SMEs and research institutes all across Europe, as no single entity or even country is able to address all the technical concerns, let alone reach common agreements on the underlying policy concerns and standardization issues. The CLASS event in particular investigates the strengths and weaknesses of the individual countries and their industrial and academic bodies and how the countries in Europe can collaborate to work towards a unified future internet vision together, how individual parties can contribute and – more importantly – how they can benefit from such a collaboration.The event will bring together experts from industry and academia with users and providers to present their results and elaborate their needs and their offerings – it therefore equally allows participants to promote results and products, as well as to exchange knowledge and initiate collaborations. The conference will allow for dedicated presentations and matchmaking like workshops.

CoInvest Day

Date: 5.-6. November

Location: Nova Gorica; Slovenia

Short description: Annual high-tech investment conference is an important part of the platform. COINVEST is a platform connecting regional high-tech startups with emerging innovative ecosystem. With its activities it aims to develop an ecosystem to help prospective startups obtain necessary assets: capital, access to market, managerial skills.

EuroCloud-CloudCatalyst bootcamp

Location: Malta, Malta

Date: November 2015

EuroCloud-CloudCatalyst bootcamp

Location: Berlin; Germany

Date: February 2016

start:Cloud ++ COINVEST structure 


Detailed tracks

Why us?

start:Cloud program is based on over 20 years of experience. Our curriculum has been tested on, implemented and inspired by 17 generations of startups and we have strong program partners that can help you in any area we might lack expertise.

Previous generations: 2012, 2013, 2014

Want to hear from our graduates?

“start:Cloud program was our springboard to business world. If we weren’t participating in start:Cloud program, we would never start developing our idea nor would we know our product has such potential on the market.”

Jaka Ogorevc, cofounder Enolyse

Due to the startCloud program we have developed our products within our clients wishes, interests and pains. We were forced to meet our clients every week and learn and discover a lot about the industry it self.  Overall great experience with great mentors and community.

Rok Lončarič, founder CoolingInno


Main partners:

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Knowledge partners:

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Media partners:


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